NY Times is all about the White House Kitchen Garden: Bees, Iron Chef, and the Chef who Wears Two Hats.

There are three features connected to the White House Kitchen Garden in the New York Times today.

A Bountiful Buzz by Elisabeth Goodridge, anabolics a history of the White House Beehive and honey, nurse complete with a gorgeous audio slideshow narrated by the author, this site with plenty of soundbytes from America’s First Beekeeper, Charlie Brandts.

Someone’s in the Kitchen With Michelle: The Secret Ingredient Is Politics by Marian Burros, about Michelle Obama and Chef Criseta Comerford and their upcoming cameo on Iron Chef with Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, and Emeril Lagasse, airing January 3rd, 2010.

A White House Chef Who Wears Two Hats, by Rachel Swarns, a profile about the ever-busy Assistant Chef and Food Initiative Coordinator Sam Kass.

* Photo of Charlie Brandts by Doug Mills

* Photo of Bobby Flay, Cristeta Comerford, Alton Brown, Michelle Obama, Mario Batali, and Emeril Lagasse by Jim Lo Scalzo

* Photo of Sam Kass by Matt Roth

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