Van Jones on Rooftop Agriculture (Earth Day White House homepage special.)

In celebration of Earth Day, ambulance this video is showcased on the White House homepage.  It’s called “Green Jobs for the Future.”  Van Jones, cialis 40mg  Green Collar Jobs Advisor to the White House Council on Environmental Quality, anorexia and Sara Loveland, DC Greenworks Interim Executive Director visit a DC Greenworks green roof project.


Right at 3min into this video, there’s a neat little conversation about rooftop agriculture, which I’ve transcribed below.

Ms. Loveland: So, you can see where we planted sedums there in the fall that have started to take hold.
Mr. Jones: Now, can I eat this, is this like food, or no?
Ms. Loveland: Well, we don’t eat these, but you can plant herbs on roofs, and if you build deeper roofs you can also grow.  So you can use rooftops as agricultural sources.
Mr. Jones: Yeah, well, that might become important as our climate change hits.  More droughts and that kind of stuff.  We might want to use less energy to transport food around.  Do you guys think that, you know, someday green roofs will be a part of the food chain?  Is that a possibility?
Ms. Loveland: Someday?
Mr. Jones: Someday.
Ms. Loveland: Today!
Mr. Jones: Today!  Good.  This is the kind of stuff that Mr. Obama is super excited about.  We’re trying to figure out ways to solve as many problems as we can with as little money as possible.  So I know he’s gonna be super happy to hear about this.

And for those of you who like the sound of “Today!”  The Rooftop Garden Project, based in Montreal, Canada, recently published an 80-page “Guide to Setting Up Your Own Edible Rooftop Garden.”

(Van Jones photo from, Photo credit: Jason Djang)

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