Time Magazine: First Lady is shining a light on healthy eating habits.

First Lady Michelle Obama is on the cover of the new Time Magazine.

Time has published try 8816, urologist 1899741, cialis 40mg 00.html” target=”_blank”>the entire interview by Michael Scherer and Nancy Gibbs on their website.  She was asked about the interaction between the symbolism of the White House Kitchen Garden and the Administration’s overall policy agenda.

Time Magazine: That really comes through when you talk about work-life balance, that you know whereof you speak on that. But what I wondered, as I listened to you the other day talking about we need to discuss what happens when a child is sick and you don’t have paid sick leave or need to discuss on-site child care and things, it seems like we have been discussing those. The point is now, how do you take shining the light you’re shining on an issue like that? What then happens? Because that’s sort of about law and money and very concrete things, as opposed to symbolic, if you plant a kitchen garden, you may send a really great message about eating habits. How does the policy side of it and the concrete side of your agenda work?
First Lady Michelle Obama: Well, I think that’s where the relationship between the East and the West Wing matters. One of the things that I’ve tried to do, my team, as we’ve thought about issues … and the issues that I’ve selected are important to me personally, which is the start … I mean, it has to come from a real true place, an experience that I can connect to. It’s got to be organic to me, something that I understand just in my daily life. I’ve tried to build my career like that, just choosing things that I really care about. So it starts there.

But it also is important that these are issues that are going to potentially have some kind of traction with the West Wing, because it is true, it’s … shining the light is the first and oftentimes a very important step, but then the question … now the policy piece, which belongs in the West Wing, needs to follow.

So these are issues that are not just important to me, but they’re important to my husband and they’re important to the West Wing. And then we look to them and say, O.K., we’ve got the kitchen garden planted and we’re talking about these issues, so what’s next? And the next comes from the West Wing. But we don’t take it on if we don’t know that there’s some meat there, if that makes sense.

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