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Activists Clamor For Organic Farm At White House by Brian Reed, pills NPR National Public Radio
Former Peace Corps Volunteers Want White House Lawn to Become a Sustainable Farm by Thomas Spencer, patient The Birmingham News (PDF)
Edible Bus Rolls to Market by Christina Walker, about it Santa Monica Daily Press (PDF)
Activists visit Lubbock to promote organic farming, by Tina Arons, The Daily Toredor (PDF)
Now, Vote for Veggies, by Leslie Hatfield, The Huffington Post
Riva man pushes for a farm at the White House, by Pamela Wood, Annapolis Capital
Organic farmers want to plant on the White House lawn, by Bruce Colbert, Prescott Daily Courier
Not your typical evangelists, by Nathalie Jordi, Plenty Magazine Eco-Eats Blog
On the garden bus, by Caitlin Sullivan, Southwest Virginia Today
WHOFarm wants to give food for thought to President Whoever, By C. Richard Cotton, Memphis Commercial Appeal
The White House Organic Farm Project, by Moe Beitiks, Inhabitat
Inverted bus turns heads by Genevieve Bookwalter, San Jose Mercury News/Santa Cruz Sentinel
White House Garden: Yay or Nay? by Kim O’Donnel, Washington Post
Look WHO Rolled Through Town: A Pit Stop in Athens on a Political Road Trip by Ramsey Nix, Flagpole
Who would wait a week in line for an iPhone 3G? by Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Apple 2.0,
iPhone 3G queue not idiots but environmental campaigners by Jack Schofield, The Guardian UK Technology Blog
Group queues up for iPhone 3G to promote organic farming by Elizabeth Montalbano, Macworld
Going Green For iPhone 3G, Huffington Post
Spending a week in line garners a lot of attention by Amy Zimmer, Metro New York
The early bird gets the iPhone. And also gets media attention for an organic farm at the White House by Bonnie Hulkower, Treehugger
CurbedWire: Organic Bus in LA
En Nueva York ya están haciendo cola en el Apple Store, AppleHOY

A Victory Garden Grows Again, Kitchen Caravan
What’s with TheWhoFarm, MTV Choose or Lose
TheWhoFarm in Albuquerque
New York’s first iPhone 3G customer breaks record
iPhone’s Second Coming: A look at the frenzy surrounding Apple’s new 3G iPhone launch, with David Pogue, The New York Times tech columnist, CNBC
3G iPhone: Can It Run on Flower Power? by Aaron Task, Yahoo! Finance
David Pogue on iPhone, with TheWhoFarm camero, CNBC
Slow Food Rocks Interview: White House Organic Farm Project, by Tamara Palmer, SF Weekly

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Activists Clamor For Organic Farm At White House
by Brian Reed
All Things Considered
December 24, pharm

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