Slow Food Nation Highlights.

-The unveiling of the Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture at SF City Hall.  Alice Waters mentions the need for the next President to eat from his own garden.

The Greenhorns Pirate Seed Swap in the Mission.

-The Soap Box at SF Victory Garden and petition launch…fresh strawberries for all.

-Michael Pollan, dentist author of Omnivore’s Dilemma and The Botany of Desire visits TheWhoFarmMobile to discuss prospective First Farmers.  Gus Schumacher, former undersecretary of the USDA and Chef Michel Nishan, board the bus.  Gus Schumacher proposes that Michel Nishan cook at The White House.  Not a bad idea!

-Purple graffiti tagging on TheWhoFarmMobile in the Mission.  (Some nerve, kids!)

-Slow Food Rocks.  Uli Bella from Ozomatli signs the petition.  Some kids from Mill Valley Middle School leave notes all over the bus.  A great view from the roof for Gnarls Barkley.  TheWhoFarm takes the stage to announce our petition.  Anna Lappé takes the stage and calls TheWhoFarmers her new heroes.  Whoa!  Lauren Bush from Feed Projects signs the petition as well.

SF Mayor Gavin Newsom signs TheWhoFarm Petition.

SF Mayor Gavin Newsom signs TheWhoFarm Petition.

-The Taste Pavillion at Fort Mason.  Wine and chutney make a delightful pair.  SF Victory Garden Mayor Gavin Newsom and his wife sign the petition.

-The Eat-In at Dolores Park.  Two hundred fifty young folks interested in good, healthy food share a pot luck meal put together by Slow Food Nation and Outstanding in the Field.  Michael Dimock of Roots of Change, Josh  Viertel of Slow Food USA, and Tim Galarneau of Real Food Challenge sign the petition.  TheWhoFarm finally talks to Alice Waters, she signs the petition, signs her new book, The Edible Schoolyard, “to TheWhoFarmers, with love, admiration, and hope!”  And she invites us to Chez Panisse for lunch!  We return to TheWhoFarmMobile to find the owner of the driveway we’d blocked inviting us to his backyard to see his beehives and chickens!

-Washington Post picks up our story, and features an interested poll quite relevant to TheWhoFarm:


  1. Enjoyed seeing the bus(es) at the Slow Food Rocks event in SF. There are some nice pics from the show at:

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