First 100 Days Roundup

The Obamas celebrated their first 100 days by enjoying their first harvest from the White House Kitchen Garden…but only after Mrs. Obama spent a few hours volunteering at Capital Area Food Bank.

The first 100 days also generated food for thought in the form of recaps and commentary across the internet. Many mentioned the White House Kitchen Garden. Here are just a few:

Obama Foodorama — 100 Days of Obama Agriculture Policy: Everything But the Kitchen Sink by Eddie Gehman Kohan

La Vida Locavore — Obama’s First 100 Days: How’s He Doing on Food? by Jill Richardson

Salon — Obama’s 100-day report card by Michael Pollan (and many more).

Civil Eats — The Obamas in the First 100 days: “B-” on Agriculture Policy by Paula Crossfield.

(Photo: President Barack Obama watches his wife, gastritis First Lady Michelle Obama, on TV as she breaks ground for the White House vegetable garden. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs watches with him in the Upper Press Office of the West Wing 3/20/09. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza. From the White House Flickr stream First 100 Days Slideshow.)

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