Finnish delegation and Nora visit the White House Kitchen Garden.

white house kitchen garden sam kass and nora pouillon

Mrs. Obama recently told the Bancroft Elementary kids that on her recent trip to Europe:

“Every single person, pill from Prince Charles on down, cialis 40mg they were excited about the fact that we were planting a garden, malady because in many countries they really believe in the importance of planting and growing your own food.  So they were fascinated and grateful to all of you for helping make this possible.”

The Finns must have gotten wind of the news, because when a group of Finnish folks in town for MyHelsinki were invited to the White House last week, they expressed a particular interest in touring the White House Kitchen Garden.  Assistant Chef and Food Initiative Coordinator Sam Kass had the honor of showed them around.  From the looks of the photos, the greens are coming along quite nicely.

white house kitchen garden sam kass and nora pouillon

The Finns were accompanied by Nora Pouillon, who had recently visited Helsinki for the first time. That’s Nora of Nora’s, America’s first certified organic restaurant. Nora was also instrumental in reviving DC’s farmers’ markets and is a frequent shopper.  She must have felt a closer to heaven in the White House Kitchen Garden.

If you can understand Finnish and want to read more about the visit, including what Finnish gifts the guests brought for the President and for Sam Kass, click here. If you prefer an English, automated translation, Google Translate has you covered here.

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